The Wedding Party


Stephanie Zachar (maid of honor)

Stephanie has been Anna-Laura's close friend since junior year of high school. They didn't really get to know each other until one weekend when Steph suddenly invited Anna-Laura over for a sleepover with some friends of theirs. That night, the two stayed up 'til 4 AM talking while everyone else was asleep. They've been good friends ever since! Steph goes to Alma College up in Michigan, and is finishing up her undergrad career in German and History.

Tiffany Bowers

Anna-Laura met Tiffany through InterVarsity at VT. Tiff was A-L's small group leader in A-L's freshman year, and became a close friend early on. Right now she is busy teaching middle schoolers the wonders of science!

Saskia Kroesen

Saskia is Anna-Laura's wonderful little sister. Anna-Laura has known Saskia for about 14 years now, and while Saskia may be troublesome sometimes, she is really a delightful and talented sister. Saskia recently got the gold medal in 100 meter backstroke at the European Forces Swim League Championships!

Bethany Silva

Bethany is Ryan's younger sister, and currently goes to Liberty University in Lynchburg. She is very welcoming and outgoing, and you know you'll never be bored by her!

Lindsey Silva

Lindsey is also a sister of Ryan's, and is just about ready to graduate from high school. Lindsey is such a sweet and thoughtful young lady, and Anna-Laura is very glad that she is a part of her life!


Ellery Baker

Ellery is a civil engineering Virginia Tech graduate. He led Ryan's small group for a year and also had discipleship meetings with Ryan. He's currently married and living in Richmond with a baby girl on the way! Ryan and Anna-Laura enjoy spending time with Ellery and his wife and wish them the best as they plunge into parenthood!

Andrew Churchill

Andrew is a cross-culturally adopted Korean-American with an unruly passion for racial reconciliation, social justice, and dense-scale development. He's currently a 5th year architecture student. Ryan and Andrew enjoy hiking and playing ping-pong, and they host the Semi-Periodic Michael W. Alexander Memorial McDonald's Cup Ping-Pong Tournament at their apartment. Ryan and Andrew have been roommates for 2 years.

Buddy Elliott

Ryan and Buddy have known each other ever since Buddy stomped on Ryan's finger as a baby and Ryan proceeded to give himself a staph infection! There has since been forgiveness and reconciliation. Although Buddy lives in South Carolina, the Silvas and Elliotts are good friends and often visit together during vacation.

Christiaan Kroesen

Christiaan is the brother of the bride, so Ryan will be getting to know him much more in the future. He is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. He likes ska music a lot. Oi!

Chris Soldan

Ryan and "Soldan" became friends freshmen year of college. They lived together during their sophomore and junior years. They later separated when Ryan moved during his senior year, but during their 5th year of school Soldan found an empty, windowless "cave" in Ryan's apartment to call home for his final semester. Soldan made college life more interesting with his amusing antics, his retro video games, and his glow-in-the-dark paint. He graduated in December 2006 with a degree in biological systems engineering and is getting married in May 2007.